Konica Minolta’s CEO Yamana-san visits Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe in London

Konica Minolta’s CEO Yamana-san visits Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe in London


On the 2nd June 2017, Shoei Yamana, the CEO of Konica Minolta Inc., visited Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe in our London headquarters. For this visit, the whole laboratory has devoted many efforts to provide an efficient and interesting reception for our special guests from Japan: indeed the delegation included also Ichiro Shirai, General Manager at Konica Minolta Inc., and Koji Isshiki who is the Secretary of our CEO.

After a brief introduction about our group of R&D laboratories located in Europe (London, Brno, Munich and Rome to open in October), we have introduced Yamana-san to the general research areas on which we focus: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Augmented Reality and Wearables, Advanced User Interaction and Internet of Things. Then, we moved to the interactive demonstration prepared by the Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe Brno team about Cognitive Hub, during which we have been able to see some of the functionalities already developed for first Cognitive Hub prototype: intelligent business decision, intelligent planning and searching, intuitive office management, intelligent collaboration and cognitive meeting execution.

At the end of the Cognitive Hub demonstration Yamana-san had the opportunity to be introduced to the IoTag platform and to the Federated Search project that is part of the services developed by our laboratory in collaboration with Workplace Hub Group.

In the following step of the visit, we described the key concepts upon which we would like to create our Konica Minolta Living Laboratory in London:

  • Explore: we will practise real-life interactive settings within an open innovation ecosystem
  • Brief: we will demonstrate concepts of our emerging portfolio to engage researchers, stakeholders, and decision-makers
  • Live: We will experience our own solutions for both business and social open innovation

Finally, within the area of the laboratory that will be dedicated to Distributed Robotic Networks, our guests had the chance to touch and feel, through a robotic arm, some simulated surfaces. With this experience, it was possible to demonstrate the potential use of these robotic instruments to perform remote actions such as surgery or manipulation of dangerous items, and experiencing some of the problems that may appear when the latency time is increased due to a drop in the quality of the network connection.

We are grateful to Yamana-san and the other guests for having spent their time visiting our London laboratory and we thank our Executive Director Dennis Curry for having organized such a superb opportunity and meeting.