The workplace of the future at CeBIT 2017

The workplace of the future at CeBIT 2017


Innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), humanoid robots and applications of virtual reality blur the boundaries between humans and technology. At CeBIT 2017 the world’s leading fair to present all aspects of digital transformation, Konica Minolta has had the chance to describe its vision of digital transformation by demonstrating real examples and best practices applied to the concept of the workplace. Running from 20th to 23rd March in Hannover, Germany, this year’s edition has seen the participation of more than 200,000 visitors, with 3,000 exhibitors.

To date, workplaces have been represented as quite static and inflexible environments: buildings, rooms and desks. However, this vision is finally evolving towards an approache that looks far more comfortable for workers: in the workplace of the future, there will be environments that react to workers’ needs, equipped with devices and an infrastructure that will enable collaboration and more effective sharing of information.

The workplace of the future will digitally connect people, devices and places. At CeBIT 2017, Konica Minolta demonstrated how workplaces could become more adaptable so that:

  • more informed decisions can be taken about how the workplace operates
  • individuals and teams can interact more effectively
  • useful predictions can be made about occupancy, environmental quality and dataneeds.

Konica Minolta is supporting this digital transformation within the working environment and at CeBIT 2017 a realistic experience of the workplace of the future was created to navigate guests and visitors into this vision. Representing our research laboratory, I had the chance to take part in the exhibition to demonstrate the achievements made so far by Konica Minolta in this transformation journey:

  • Smart Room Booking System
  • Virtual Receptionist to connect visitors with their hosts in complex or unstaffed reception areas,
  • Digital Signage that integrates messaging from different systems for a friendly workplace experience,
  • Smart Desks and Ideation Platforms.

These are only some of the IT solutions presented in Hannover that Konica Minolta designed around people, devices and places to improve collaborations and enable them to take better decisions in their working environments.