Collaborations | The innovation and research system in Konica Minolta

The innovation and research system in Konica Minolta

Business Innovation Centre, Workplace Hub and Konica Minolta Labs Europe

Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe collaborates with both the Workplace Hub (WPH) Business Unit and with the Business Innovation Centres (BIC): our teams focus on giving shape to ideas within a creative environment, through technology and business incubations. The innovation ecosystem in Konica Minolta relies upon the passion around creating new technologies or integrating existing ones – through a technical due-diligence processes – to improve the lives of our global community, to develop new offerings in the areas of digital workplace, sensing & information management, business technology and digital healthcare and smart data system.

Research, Development & Innovation Ecosystem in Konica Minolta

BIC – Business Innovation Centre Europe

BIC aids Konica Minolta’s transformation by working closely with partners and clients to drive new and existing technologies from initial concept to reality through commercialisation

The major focus is on the Workplace of the Future, IoT, Sensing, Analytics and knowledge acquisition

Creativity, innovation and continuous development of expertise are the cornerstones that enhance our offerings

Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe

Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe delivers critical elements for WPH Konica Minolta portfolio extension

R&D activities guided by technology roadmaps and the company’s core mid-term plan (MTP) strategy

Demonstrating technology solution platforms through PoCs

Workplace Hub Business Unit

Workplace Hub evolved from a BIC incubation to a strategic global business unit for Konica Minolta

The business unit focuses on product development and commercialisation of Workplace Hub

It is the first step in the era of innovation in the workplace of the future