The AI challenge for enterprises


At Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe we keep focusing on Artificial Intelligence, especially with an interest on applications for future workplaces, digital healthcare and digital manufacturing. After the AI Summit of New York during which we presented Cognitive Hub, we have just launched a research topic dedicated to the Workplace of the Future within the open access journal ‘Frontiers’, and in few days, our Executive Director and Deputy CTO Dennis Curry will take part in the AI Expo Global. This event is hosted at the Olympia National, London, on the 18–19th April, and will gather over 10,000 registered attendees .

The Expo will be divided in four conference tracks: AI in Enterprise, Data Analytics for AI & IoT, AI and the Consumer and AI Technologies. For Konica Minolta, Dennis Curry will take part in a panel that focuses on AI strategies for enterprises and will describe how our company is implementing intelligent solutions to face the challenges from the increase of complexity within our working daily activities.

We are addressing this challenge by developing Cognitive Hub, a system of systems that manages other intelligent platforms providing services in data analytics, environment sensing, semantic understanding of data, distributed robotics management and advanced human computer interaction.  The goal of this platform is to extend the network of human interfaces, enhancing the collaboration amongst individuals and teams, and ultimately providing augmented intelligence-based services that are immediately and automatically actionable. As an evolution of Konica Minolta’s Workplace Hub, Cognitive Hub exploits the interactions between collections of intelligent edge devices and comprises a programme of features, applications and services that are implemented on several different platforms. More information about Cognitive Hub and its different platforms are available in the whitepapers dedicated to the Distributed Robotic Platform, to the Semantic Platform and to the Human Computer Interaction Platform.