April 17, 2019

Digital solutions for the information management in workplace

Information management is becoming ever more complex, requiring workplaces to proactively embrace digital transformation solutions. The Semantic Platform is Konica Minolta’s digital platform solution to address the problem of information overload and manage the growing complexity of data in workplaces.
March 22, 2019

LightEdge: Orchestrating Artificial Intelligence amongst the edge and the cloud

Reducing network latency, decreasing energy consumption and the ever-growing need for internet bandwidth, improve the availability of applications and increase systems’ privacy and security. These are the key advantages of employing LightEdge, the edge computing solution developed by Konica Minolta to further enhance the Cognitive Hub’s architecture.
November 30, 2018

Towards the future digital workplace: the Semantic Platform

At Konica Minolta we are committed to understand the workplace of the future and to find the best solutions for our customers. Almost one year after the presentation of Cognitive Hub during the AI Summit of New York, where partners and clients were introduced for the first time to our platform of platforms, today we present the Semantic Platform, one of the key elements on which the Cognitive Hub is built.