Students in the hospital: why Konica Minolta supports MedInnovate

Students in the hospital: why Konica Minolta supports MedInnovate


The winter edition of the MedInnovate Graduate Programme  was kicked-off on 17 October 2017 with an intense day, in which the students started into the graduate program with socializing, learning about design thinking and – most importantly – putting it into practice right away. As exclusive industry sponsor of this year’s instalment, Maximilian Baust and I were invited to get to know the participants and present Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe.

So why is Konica Minolta supporting the MedInnovate  Graduate Programme?

  1. First, we love the approach: Students with entirely different backgrounds, such as computer science, engineering, medicine and design, get out of their own scientific area in order to focus on understanding and tackling real-world problems in today’s clinical environment. We believe that real innovation in healthcare relies on a deep understanding of the clinical setting and potential barriers to adoption.
  2. Second, we are very open for new innovation formats: Together with the passionate team around MedInnovate we are eager to explore the formats and to learn from the experiences.
  3. Third, we like explorers: We’re very much looking forward to getting to know individuals interested in exactly this kind of interdisciplinary teamwork and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

To us, it is no surprise that this format has recently been awarded by the department of computer science at TUM as a spotlight course and we are delighted to support this program as a sponsor. We wish the students, the MedInnovate team, the coaches from UnternehmerTUM and the other invited experts a great experience in the graduate programme of this semester.