Research Areas | Semantic Technologies and Smart Data Systems

Semantic Technologies and Smart Data Systems

Understanding the users and their data contexts

In Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe, we see Artificial Intelligence as a representation of the ultimate User Interface. A layer through which users may access a variety of semantic-based and smart data services that offer the benefits of improved, and more efficient ways for working and collaborating.

Managing the huge variations in unstructured data from many different information sources, we are creating semantic-based services for enterprises that will empower teams and individuals with augmented intelligence. By allowing employees and teams to focus on their goals instead of the means used to achieve them, their jobs will become easier and so their businesses more profitable.

To support users’ work and provide a more comfortable and productive working experience, our systems understand users’ activities and the context of their work. By processing all available structured and non-structured data and proactively feeding people with tailored information that is contextually relevant, it is possible to bring to the end user’s attention the most important tasks and events that can support them in taking more informed decision.


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