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Experimental evaluation of technology enablers for cutting edge wearables’ applications
October 2016 – Krystof Zeman, Pavel Masek, Jiri Hosek, Pavel Dvorak, Radovan Josth, Tomas Jankech
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Emerging 5G Applications over mmWave: Hands-on Assessment of WiGig Radios
July 2017 – Krystof Zeman, Martin Stusek, Jiri Pokorny, Pavel Masek; Jiri Hosek; Sergey Andreevy, Pavel Dvorak, and Radovan Josth

Object state recognition for automatic AR-based maintenance guidance
July 2017 – Pavel Dvorak, Elisabetta Delponte, Radovan Josth
1st Workshop of Open Domain Action Recognition in CVPR conference

CVPR 2017 Open Access

AR-based Maintenance Verification Using Object State Recognition
July 2017 – Pavel Dvorak, Elisabetta Delponte, Radovan Josth
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Assessment of Breast Cancer Histology using Densely Connected Convolutional Networks
April 2018 – Matthias Kohl, Christoph Walz, Florian Ludwig, Stefan Braunewell, Maximilian Baust
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Understanding Regularization to Visualize Convolutional Neural Networks
April 2018 – Maximilian Baust, Florian Ludwig, Christian Rupprecht, Matthias Kohl, Stefan Braunewell
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Initialize globally before acting locally: Enabling Landmark-free 3D US to MRI Registrations
June 2018 – Julia Rackerseder, Maximilian Baust, Rüdiger Göbl, Nassir Navab, Christoph Hennersperge
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Design towards AI-powered workplace of the future
July 2018 – Yujia Cao, Konica Minolta, Czech Republic; Jiri Vasek, Matej Dusik, Konica Minolta
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