Robotics, IoT and Cyber Security: Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe showcases at Workplace Hub launch

Robotics, IoT and Cyber Security: Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe showcases at Workplace Hub launch


Workplace Hub was presented by Konica Minolta as an intelligent and connected edge platform for the workplace of the future and within the course of Spotlight Live event in Berlin on 23rd March Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe took an active part. In front of many representatives from the European press, with the support of BBC presenter Spencer Kelly
and the visionary author Douglas Coupland, an interesting roundtable discussion on the workplace of the future identified the most annoying issues in today’s spotlight-live-Berlin-2017workplace. A lack of time to think, a lack of empathy, too much noise and an overload of information were mentioned by the six panellists interviewed by Spencer Kelly:

Indeed, as we described in The future of work whitepaper, information overload or infoxication is one of the elements that is creating new human necessities. We are working to reduce the time spent searching for and memorising reliable information, to abate the risks associated with the security of digital information and to manage unforeseen events that may result in a loss of control over them.
And the first step for Konica Minolta towards delivering systems that intuitively connect people, places and devices into a platform where information flows easily and IT support is accessible and manageable from a single place is Workplace Hub. As described by our president and CEO, Mr Yamana, the latest arrival amongst the offerings of Konica Minolta is a new enterprise IT solution that unifies all of an organisation’s technology within a single centralised platform. Designed for future-proof workplaces of every size as they work towards digital transformation, the first release of Workplace Hub will be available from autumn 2017 and it will directly address a growing IT complexity by providing more efficient and effective management of the many tools, services and devices used by modern organisations. Then Dennis Curry, our VP and Senior Director of BIC and R&D Europe, described in more detail, the application suite that will accompany Workplace Hub.

And what did Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe present during Workplace Hub launch?Process-Sensor-workplacehub-2017

IoT Sensor for Business Process

Our colleague Petr introduced a project for a Process Sensor. Industrial businesses greatly depend on the quick and easy automation of their document processes and their routine tasks. Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe has prototyped a small IoT sensor that enables a seamless flow of business processes in combination with dokoni PROCESS, the enterprise content management (ECM) solution provided by Konica Minolta. The simple demo prepared by Petr consisted of three process buttons for having people to vote on the number of connected devices in 2021, when a button was pressed, new vote was stored in the dokoni Process and an associated workflow printed a little receipt. Final results established that there will be more than 50 billion of connected devices in 2021.

Distributed Robotic Network

Marco spent his time describing the future research area that will be dedicated to a Distributed Robotic Platform: a network of distributed robotic systems connecting multiple devices located in different positions around the world into a centralized system. Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe is developing the platform that can manage the network of distributed robotic devices, leveraging on the combination of different technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics and Cloud computing. In Berlin, Marco demonstrated a first use case of the platform applied to a network of connected telescope. The audience was invited to discover the night sky by requesting an observation of an astronomical object observed by the network of connected telescope.

AI driven Security Analyticscyber-security-workplacehub-2017

Matej’s focus was on AI driven Security Analytics: threats of Cyber Security crimes are rising. They are more and more sophisticated, and more intense then anytime in the past. Not only large companies, but also small and medium ones are taking proactive measures to protect their valuable client’s data and business operations. Using AI-driven and Machine Learning based advanced data analytics solutions on platforms such as Workplace Hub, together with current state of the art cyber security protection measures such as firewalls, antiviruses and security driven design of product, will provide full protection from advanced attacks.

spoke-workplacehub-2017The Konica Minolta and Grey Cortex Security Analytics solution was explained by Matej in Berlin and it is being developed to be deployable on the Workplace Hub to improve the capabilities for rapid detection and response to future security and other incidents.

Finally, I was devoted to present the Workplace Spoke, a friendly companion of Workplace Hub for the business traveler: the nicely designed device contains storage that synchronizes in the background with users’ data-sources, pico-projector, camera, microphone, loudspeaker and a tilt-sensor, which can change the operating mode. The Spoke is part of the Workplace Hub extension services and it will be available in the near future.