Smart Room Booking System


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Smart Room Booking System

Learning from users behaviour


Needs and functionalities

Facility and Workplace Management, Meeting Room Management


Used technologies

IoT, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics

Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe Solution

Our Smart Room Booking (SRB) System is able to continuously monitor a meeting room and detect if, and when, it is being used. By connecting to an intelligent calendar application, users can easily find an empty room for their meetings and even benefit from a prediction as to whether it is probable that a given meeting room will really be used or not, and for how long. The Smart Room Booking system falls under an umbrella of systems built on the top of Internet of Things. It uses data from various distributed sensors and integrates it with machine learning to understand users’ behaviour and make useful predictions.

Based on our partner’s solution, we apply the IoT and machine learning to solve common enterprise problems, such as the booking of meeting rooms and evaluate it in a real office environment. Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe is developing the technology building blocks for asset and resource management, together with indoor localisation to prepare an enterprise platform that encompasses the Smart Room Booking System.



Business Process Management Systems, Room Calendar


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