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Cognitive Hub

Integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and edge-based IoT solutions


Needs and functionalities

Exponential increase in available data and ubiquitous information are already causing information overload;
Leading to a reduction in human capacity for cognitive processing and in the ability to make quality decisions


Used technologies

Scalable distributed intelligence, Multimodal interfaces, Hybrid infrastructure (cloud and edge), Semantic technologies and prescriptive analytics, Computer vision, Machine learning

Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe Solution

Beginning with the experience garnered from Workplace Hub, Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe’s vision is to develop Cognitive Hub as a nexus for clients’ information flows. Cognitive Hub integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and edge-based IoT solutions within a cortex-like platform to distribute and augment intelligence within the workplace of the future. It strives to close the gap between the way machines and people process information.

Cognitive Hub is an extendable, scalable, and inter-usable platform, that can learn and adapt, and that enables organisations to make more insightful and impactful decisions at both operational and strategic levels. Cognitive Hub will be tailored to various domains (e.g., banking, insurance, manufacturing, etc.) and to various functions (e.g., accounting, sales, legal, etc.). For individuals it will take into account personal preferences to provide support in the office, for home office, for travelling, and for a healthier work/life balance.



Cognitive briefing, Cognitive business decisions, Cognitive planning and searching, Cognitive office management and Cognitive meeting execution


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