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Search and Priority for improving efficiency in digital workplaces

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Search & Priority

Increasing efficiency in digital workplaces


List of functionalities

  • Task Management and Prioritisation
  • Smart Search
  • Meeting Arranger
  • Executive Summary

Used technologies

AI and Machine learning algorithms as such as:

  • pre-trained model for language and content extraction
  • NLP for keywords extraction and prioritisation and identification of GDPR sensible data
  • CNN for document classification.

Konica Minolta Global R&D Solution

In today’s digital workplace, the everyday worker faces constant information overload, a never-ending list of tasks, and high levels of stress. Search & Priority exists to address these pain-points. By connecting your currently used communication tools, storage, and project management tools, Search & Priority helps you to focus on the tasks that matter. Its main purpose is to advise you on what to prioritise: by collecting all your appointments, meetings, tasks etc. from the different connected sources and making them accessible in a single dashboard.

The Search & Priority tool further supports you in getting your tasks done efficiently, by assisting with activities like arranging a meeting, looking for a specific document,, or providing you with an executive summary of a key document.

Best of all, while all features are built to work together, they can be used independently as well, providing further support with your daily work. And Search & Priority will always use your original tools and sources, so everything is always synced and no additional channels are created.

Soon to be available as part of the Workplace Hub software release, Search & Priority is a free of charge, on-premise, browser-based software feature. As the first AI-enabled solution from Konica Minolta, it brings Cognitive Services to life for our customers, providing an all-in-one solution for IT management and AI services.



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