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Projection with Interactive Capture (PIC)

Desk based system powered by computer vision, image analytics and document understanding


Needs and functionalities

There is a push towards digital in the workplace, however, a large amount of information remains in physical form and needs migration to the digital realm


Used technologies

Computer vision, augmented reality, unstructured data analysis, intelligent character recognition, machine learning, semantic technologies, decision support, multimodal interfaces, human computer interface

Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe Solution

In the modern workplace, there is a push towards digitization of documents and workflows.  Many workplaces, however, still use physical documents in their workflows.  Though digitization aids in searching, editing and sharing of information for many situations, creating and using physical documents is just easier and more convenient for many users.

Konica Minolta is looking for ways to bridge the physical and digital document world in a natural workstyle for the user.  Based on Konica Minolta’s experience in electronic documents and imaging, we are creating PIC, an edge device that that brings digital-like functionality to physical documents.  PIC has the ability to capture and digitize unstructured, physical information, then analyse and operate on it in the digital realm.  Using machine learning and other electronic document services, this unstructured data is transformed into structured information which can be searched, edited and shared as part of a decision support system.  In addition, PIC also gives feedback through projection of information onto the user’s workspace and physical documents.  This enables Augmented Reality workflows without the need for cumbersome handheld or head-worn equipment.  The user can work comfortably in their physical workspace, with physical documents, yet reap the benefits of digital functionality via PIC.



Digitization of Processes and Workflows, Workflow Optimization, Business Process Optimization, Decision Support Systems, Cyber Physical Systems


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