One week for combining visual and tactile sensations

One week for combining visual and tactile sensations


From the 5th to 9th September 2016, together with a group of engineers from the 5G Tactile Internet Lab of the Centre for Telecommunications Research (CTR) King’s College of London, our Lab has engaged in a Hackathon to fuse visual and tactile information. We have worked for five days in a coding marathon, during which we have integrated 5G telecommunications technologies developed at King’s with Neuro Digital’s Haptic Gloveone and Konica Minolta’s Wearable Communicators (WCc) Glasses.

Even if, during the hackathon, we were not able to develop a test capable to integrate visual and tactile experience of caressing a kitten feeling its fur, or really catching up a Pokemon hidden in the laboratory, we achieved all of the objectives identified in the beginning of our coding marathon, making this experience a meaningful success for both laboratories.

Read a diary of this experience in few posts on Linkedin:

  • Introduction to the objectives of the Hackathon
  • Day 1 : interconnection of the Glove UDP (User Datagram Protocol) communication with Glasses WebSocket communication
  • Day 3 : developing a game to fuse glasses visualization and marker (hand position) recognition by glasses camera, with glove providing haptic feedback and finger gestures recognition.
  • Day 5: control a robotic arm using our “air mouse control” and monitoring application for our haptic game.
Filip Magula
Filip Magula
Team Leader R&D Engineering