Advanced multimedia analytics at the Machine Learning Prague conference 2019

Advanced multimedia analytics at the Machine Learning Prague conference 2019

Konica Minolta at the Machine Learning Prague 2019

For the third consecutive year, Konica Minolta participated in the Machine Learning Prague. The conference took place from 22 to 24 February at the Rudolfinum, a reknowned neo-renaissance building situated on Jan Palach Square in Prague.

The @MLPrague is one of the largest events covering Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Europe, with about 1000 attendees and 45 speakers. This year, Konica Minolta was one of the Gold Partners, together with other well-known companies and multinationals such as Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte and many others.

As Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe, the European R&D department of Konica Minolta, we attended the conference with members from the Brno laboratory, specialised in Machine Learning techniques. Miloš Skoták, Ondřej Černobila, Peter Sluka, Michaela Krupičková and Lukáš Havlíček supported our booth and showcased our current projects in the field of advanced multimedia analytics: Visual Quality Inspection and Customer Behaviour Analysis, as well as the Cognitive Hub and IoT solutions and services.

This year, the main topic of the Prague conference was centred on practical applications of various branches of machine learning. The conference offered 19 talks from leading experts on machine learning. They talked about the technologies and approaches that they use, and the results they were able to achieve based on them.

Tomaso Poggio, who is the Eugene McDermott professor in MIT’s Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and the director of the NSF Center for Brains, Minds and Machines at MIT, gave a presentation describing what are the  three main theoretical puzzles of deep learning. On this topic we spent some more time with Professor Poggio and we will publish soon another post describing in details some of his thoughts and most recent discoveries from computational neuroscience.

The conference was also an opportunity to get in touch with other R&D companies that are researching in our same field, and to meet many people that were interested in our applications.

Our booth lured conference participants as well as job applicants throughout the day and we received very positive feedback on the work that Konica Minolta is doing in advanced multimedia analytics.

The Machine Learning Prague Conference has been an occasion to enlarge the awareness of Konica Minolta, which has still mostly strong associations with the printing business. People are usually quite surprised when they hear about other areas of our portfolio, such as our R&D activities.

We will work to ensure that more and more people know and use our innovative technologies.