Konica Minolta Labs on line: one year in numbers

Konica Minolta Labs on line: one year in numbers


One year ago our new Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe website appeared on line for the first time. Let me share with you some data looking back over this first foundation year:

  • 43 Pages and 38 blog posts covering our categories of News, Healthcare technologies, AI for business, Digital Workplaces, Computer Vision and Robotics
  • Two further websites were born, dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and to the exhibition we held Networks to cloud nine
  • Almost 11,000 users with more than 37,000 page views
  • Seven videos have been created and several more are under preparation
  • More than 20 events in which we have taken part either as active participants or simply as attendees, and for which we have prepared numerous blog posts, Linkedin summaries and Twitter posts
  • From the quantitative perspective of SEO metrics, we are growing, and our positioning is improving month-on-month, thanks to the efforts that all the Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe team is dedicating to our Genius Blog. Our website is now amongst the first results in Google SERP that is shown to people looking for Cognitive Hub, predictive maintenance, precision medicine, radiomics and deep learning, and computer vision talks
  • Last August, in a bizarre search event, someone managed to found our website as the first result when looking for ‘things to do in Honolulu this weekend’, which I can only imagine was thanks to our intensive series of posts dedicated to the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference
  • The most visited page on our site, is the one dedicated to the three reasons for creating an open source Lorawan server that on average is the 6th result in the Google SERP for anyone looking for ‘Lorawan server’
  • The second most visited page is dedicated to our Cognitive Hub, a project in which we are actively developing in several different fields, and where we have written several whitepapers; Cognitive Hub: the OS for the workplace of the future scores as the most downloaded PDF of the whole website
  • Our PDFs have been downloaded more that 1100 times, and with these whitepapers our visitors have had the chance to learn more about KMLE’s IoT strategies and our vision for Digital Healthcare
  • Our audience is mainly based in Germany and in the USA, closely followed by the Italian, British and Japanese visitors
  • So far, we have successfully produced four scientific publications, and more are currently being prepared. We have also recently launched a research topic dedicated to the Workplace of the Future within Frontiers, about which we will be working soon.

While some of us are celebrating the day on the ski slopes, I would like to thank all the members of the team who contributed to the creation of our website; it is now our most impactful instrument to present Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe’s research activities and our organisation. We are looking forward to the next 12 months of evolution of our website and the spread of even more successful communications from our laboratories…