Our Research Activities and Business Contexts

R&D Laboratory in Europe

Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe has a broad portfolio of research interests and activities. Our ultimate goal is to exploit the results achieved in different research areas to develop integrated solutions that lead to the generation of new platforms and services for Konica Minolta’s offerings.

We share our results to the wider research communities to foster collaboration and engagement about research topics in an applied industrial context. Finally, we engage with potential customers to ignite meaningful conversations as a basic element of the process for tailoring the innovation process.

The main objective of Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe is to define and develop innovative platforms within the following contexts.

The workplace of the future

In the last decade, workplaces have started to evolve towards digitization.

A better management of the information overload could expand our level of understanding and increase the ease with which we learn, memorize and take decisions.

Exploiting Artificial Intelligence and Advanced User Interaction, Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe aims at developing Cognitive Hub, an AI based operating system combined with cognitive capabilities to enable organisations to manage the ever-growing data and its complexity easily and seamlessly.

Digital Manufacturing

Digital transformation is one of several hot topics for many enterprises, and digitization and automation of business processes are key elements for this transformation.

At Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe we focus on the use of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), Computer Vision and Distributed Robotics platforms and Internet of Things devices for improving the efficiency and precision of quality management along the entire supply chain.

Digital healthcare

We are at the dawn of the digital age in medicine: the amount of diagnostic information has tremendously increased, but real progress in delivering care is only slowly starting to appear.

From Computer Vision to Data Analytics, from preventive apps to workflow automation, Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe explores the landscape of digital healthcare.

We closely work together with clinical partners to identify and assess solutions – to better utilize information for the benefit to patients, doctors and healthcare providers.