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Internet of Things

Digital workplaces and workflow optimization

Sensors are spreading across all sectors to collect information from the environment, to feed business processes with data and to facilitate the digital transformation of businesses that deal with physical assets and spaces. By connecting and integrating varied sensing technologies, the Internet of Things enables decision-support systems, facilitating the transition of companies towards a data-driven approach. Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe aims at orchestrating: the deployment of sensors; the related cyber-physical systems (CPS); the data that is collected; and its subsequent analysis to enhance and support workplaces and their workflows.

We leverage upon the multiple information sources of IoT sensors and CPS, to build services that enable our customers and partners to achieve their business goals in a more efficient, faster and way. The solutions we develop may find applications within different industrial contexts, and relate with process optimization, people tracking and behaviour analyses, asset and facility management and environmental sensing, and safety and security.

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