The Future of AI and Cognitive Platforms

The Future of AI and Cognitive Platforms


In the first days of December 2017, Konica Minolta, took part in the AI Summit of New York to invite partners and clients to see and experience Cognitive Hub in action for the first time.

Cognitive Hub is the next generation of Workplace Hub, and will apply intelligent edge-computing to orchestrate AI systems and augment human intelligence. As an operating system for the workplace of the future Cognitive Hub will extend the network of human interfaces and enhance collaboration amongst individuals and teams. It will become a nexus for clients’ information flows within the digital workplace, and will provide AI-based interoperability services that are immediately and automatically actionable.

Artificial intelligence, combined with deep learning technologies and innovative business models, is already providing opportunities for businesses to manage information flows in digital workplaces. Konica Minolta is committed to utilising digital technology to provide sustainable, holistic customer solutions, across this growing workplace ecosystem, in accordance with their medium-term business plan, SHINKA 2019.  Cognitive Hub is the latest step in the organisation’s journey to becoming a platform-led, IoT business.

Within his presentation, Dennis Curry, Executive Director and Deputy CTO at Konica Minolta, described the future of AI and cognitive platforms, “At Konica Minolta, we believe that customer solutions will lie in the form of cognitive AI integrators or distributed AI applications. These cognitive platforms can integrate and orchestrate AI services to enable better team working and collaboration amongst individuals. With an evolving cognitive platform of platforms, AI will enable enterprises to move from simply consuming information, towards managing it by augmenting intelligence and improving decision-making processes. Innovations such as Konica Minolta’s Cognitive Hub will emerge from evolving systems that will learn from our own intuition and emotional intelligence.”

More information about the panorama of AI platforms is available in the chapter Cognitive Platforms for the Workplace of the Future, published within the AI Transforming Business – Corporate CxO Perspectives book, edited by Georgios Kipouros and Daniel Pitchford of AI Business.

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