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The hub where innovative ICT solutions come to life

Exploiting Konica Minolta’s long history of innovation, we have recently initiated new research projects at our laboratories in Europe. Within a process of transformation we are improving and developing new products and services in the smart systems domain and for digital workplaces, keeping our customers’ needs at the heart of our focus. We validate these new ideas through experiments, proof-of-concepts and demonstrations. The results of our activities provide Konica Minolta with a base for the development of new products.

Konica Minolta is working hard to make business better for its clients through innovations and we believe in the power of many: we are keen to share our results and collaborate with others who are also exploring and developing technologies and services in the areas of our research activities. Join our Innovation Partnership Network to take part in our future research challenges.

Innovation Partnership Network

Created in collaboration with BIC, Konica Minolta Innovation Partnership Network counts more than 360 members from all over the world.

  • Academic & Universities
  • Startups & Micro Enterprises
  • R&D Centres
  • Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Large Enterprises


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