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Edge Computing and Fog Cloud

Bringing applications closer to the users

Relocating elements of an application to the edge of a network is gaining a substantial amount of popularity. This paradigm shift is possible as more robust computing machines on the edge of a network become more viable due to the ever-plunging cost of hardware. Moreover, as the volume of data generated by local machines and sensors is increasing exponentially, processing the data on-premise is more affordable, reliable and in many cases more secure.

Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe is carrying out studies on Edge and Fog computing in order to have an infrastructure to orchestrate multiple autonomous AI agents. These investigations focus on different facets of the existing cloud-edge technologies to improve the quality of services in applications such as smart environment, robotics, natural language processing with real-time requirements.

Leveraging existing Konica Minolta tools and future solutions (e.g., Workplace Hub, Cognitive Hub) on the edge and in cloud layers, we are designing infrastructure and software solutions that improve efficiency by decreasing communication load and enhancing the fault tolerance of a system.

Within Edge and Fog cloud computing we are conducting research about:

  • Edge and fog orchestration for Internet of Thing applications
  • Microservices orchestration in cloud-edge environment
  • Software defined networking-assisted edge computing
  • Optimal task offloading in cloud robotics
  • Defining cloud-edge optimisation algorithms based on common metrics (e.g., latency, bandwidth, energy consumption and cost).

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