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Distributed Robotics

Integrating robotics systems in the platforms of the future

Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe is creating a distributed robotics platform that will allow the creation of service-oriented solutions by connecting robots and devices across the world through a central management and integration software. This research area will deliver key components within the Konica Minolta Cyber Physical System platform strategy.

By leveraging on megatrends such as cloud robotics, distributed AI and Industry 4.0, we are developing technologies that will allow the integration of robotic systems with sensor devices and IoT infrastructures into Cognitive Hub. We are creating products and services in various domains, which will allow customers to simplify or automate their processes within different sectors, including the workplace of the future, digital healthcare and digital manufacturing.

Within Distributed Robotics, we are actively working in the areas listed below:

  • Distributed networks, distributed intelligence, and software defined networking
  • Haptic and tactile technologies applied to Cyber Physical Systems
  • Cloud robotics and service robotics
  • Robotic assisted medical imaging

Marco Rocchetto
R&D Engineer
is responsible for the development of Distributed Robotics Area.

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