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Distributed Robotics

Enabling robots to support users in real world applications

The Robotics industry is expected to thrive during the next five years. The major challenge is to build robotics systems that will be able to support end users to perform their activities in different application contexts. By embedding robots with the latest and most advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities, these systems are learning to perceive and navigate within different types of real world environments and they are becoming able to interpret the information they collect and to trigger an appropriate response or action.

With the final goal to implement a distributed robotics platform that is orchestrated within the framework of Cognitive Hub, at Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe we are conducting research into:

  • Identification of the appropriate robotic system given the end user’s context
  • Definition and development of robots’ cognitive skills required for acting within these real environments
  • Creation of the infrastructure network that will support the interconnection of multiple and differing robotic systems to solve more complex interaction problems.

Advancing that state of the art technologies in robotics will enable us to manage multiple intelligent systems and in different contexts: from the medical environment to digital workplaces and industry 4.0 applications. Within the framework of the research towards Cognitive Hub, our activities currently focus on projects for robotics system within the hospital environment, and a global intelligent network of robotic telescopes.

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