Design Today the Workspace of Tomorrow


What will your workplace look like tomorrow? At the Smart Workspace Design Summit (SWDS2017) it was possible to discover the latest ideas around designing the spaces where we may work in the future. Many experts from all over the world discussed their approaches towards the workplace of the future at this event. Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe was also present to learn more about the upcoming trends.

This year’s edition of the Smart Workspace Design Summit took place in Amsterdam on 12th and 13th October 2017 and covered several areas relating to interior design and architecture, technological solutions as well as workplace experience approach.  The event gave the opportunity to companies like Adidas Group, G-Star Raw, UniCredit, LEGO, Johnson & Johnson, NEXT Architects, Ecophon, Sky, WeWork, AEGON and Lufthansa to present the changes they are making in their businesses to keep up with future workplace trends. The programme focused not only on general trends, but it was further enriched with presentations discussing procedures and implementations of design solutions in different companies, and also offered many opportunities to explore technological solutions for workplaces at open-space sessions.

Let me share with you four interesting keywords that I picked up on:

  • Wellbeing will be one of the elements at the basis of future workplaces, to attract and engage new talents.
  • Digital sustainability: facilities will be designed to reduce costs associated with the management of big data. Having interior design as one of their focuses, companies are already using the data derived from IoT devices and Cyber physical systems to foster collaboration, productivity and efficiency of employees.
  • Virtual reality is helping architects to design interiors that increase human capacities for creativity and imagination.
  • Remote collaboration: many employees can collaborate remotely with distributed teams on several projects exploiting virtual spaces for holding meetings.

Among the technological solutions presented in the summit I would like to highlight the following:

  1. Workibo is a software for facility management that helps employees to reserve meeting rooms and devices for the meeting. In similarity to some of the features of our own Smart Room Booking System, the application automatically checks-in users when they enter the room or can free the room for further bookings when nobody is present. The system also provides analytics to get real-time insights on how the workplace is used.
  2. A solution by Philips combines LED lightning and WIFI to track users’ locations to provide them with more accurate services and a more comfortable visual environment.

It was a great opportunity to participate in the Smart Workspace Design Summit: I met experts focusing on the design of future workspaces and I had the chance to discuss about concepts and solutions for virtual models of interiors that we also consider as integral elements of the Workplace of the Future developed by Konica Minolta.