Research Areas | Computer Vision and Image Processing

Computer Vision and Image Processing

Extracting effective insights from visual data of real world

With ever-growing availability of images and videos comes the need to quickly and easily derive useful insights from this wealth of visual data. Recent breakthroughs in the fields of computer vision and image processing are enabling research towards exactly such automatic analysis.

Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe is exploring new solutions for user problems, in order to extract information and insights from images and videos. By understanding the end user and tailoring our approach to improve their business workflows, we create solutions with deep learning and other machine learning approaches that tackle their needs. With strong ties to academic partners, our applied research is at the forefront of the science.

Within the framework of the research towards Cognitive Hub, our activities focus on several different fields, such as the following examples:

  • In the office environment, our laboratories develop tools for multimedia search within an enterprise database
  • Within healthcare, Konica Minolta Labs develops novel algorithms and methods to efficiently analyse huge (gigapixel) pathology images
  • In the field of robotics our objective is to improve the machines’ perception and capabilities of interaction with the external environment with advanced methodologies for object detection and recognition
  • For the retail sector, we are focusing on customer behaviour analytics to monitor clients’ actions within physical location for improving their satisfaction and engagement
  • In manufacturing, our team works on automation towards Industry 4.0 by applying state-of-the-art computer vision methods for quality inspection technologies.

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