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Artificial Intelligence and Smart Data Systems

Understanding the users and their contexts

Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe is actively establishing semantic-based smart data services for enterprises. These services will make clients’ jobs easier and their businesses more profitable, by allowing users to focus on their goals instead of the means to achieve them. To truly support the user and provide this new kind of experience, our systems must understand the user and the context of their work – taking into account the user’s background and their intent, the content of the documents, and even the physical working environment. In fact, the workplace of the future has become a key focus area for Konica Minolta. We see it as a network of people, sensors and devices that, when combined, create a digital cortex by understanding the world around it. The emergence of AI, combined with deep learning technologies and new business models, is already enabling Konica Minolta to manage information flows in these digital workplaces


We therefore see Artificial Intelligence to be an ultimate user interface.

We are creating a framework based on:

  • unstructured data processing
  • knowledge integration
  • application interoperability
  • artificial intelligence

These four layers constitute the core elements of the Semantic Platform, a concept and future technological basis for Konica Minolta to enable the development of intelligent user interfaces and Smart Systems.

The solutions we develop to realize the Semantic Platform may find applications in several fields, such as predictive analytics, workflow automation and natural human computer interactions.

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