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Advanced User Interaction

The next generation of user interfaces

For all our products and services, Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe is committed to build a next generation of user interfaces that will be transparent to users and that will allow them to seamlessly convey an intent to a system.

We believe that such next generation user interfaces will enable a user to control system as easily as other everyday activities, such as walking. Moreover, as for walking, user will perceive these interfaces as natural.

This is why we are investigating multimodal controls in all of our research areas including Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Data Systems.

In our approach, we are leveraging natural human behaviours such as:

  • touching (touch-sensitive displays with haptic feedback)
  • talking (speech recognition, natural language processing, and dialog systems)
  • looking (gaze tracking controls)
  • gesturing (gesture recognition)

We recognise that since humans differ in their preferences on how to interact with a system, we are offering a flexibility of interaction through allowing a selection of the modality so that everyone can find the best fit to his or her personal characteristics or situation context.

By creating next generation user interfaces we are making the interaction with digital systems open to a wide variety of users so that their training time can decrease, and we can offer faster access to the functions within a given digital system.