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Networks to cloud nine – Konica Minolta exhibits at the Science Festival of Genoa
Genova, Italy, 24 October 2017
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Konica Minolta kicks off 2017 winter edition of MedInnovate Graduate Programme
Munich, Germany, 17 October 2017
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Cognitive Hub at the AI Summit in London, the next step of Konica Minolta towards the workplace of the future
London, United Kingdom, 2 May 2017
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Konica Minolta showcases predictive maintenance at Machine Learning Conference in Prague
Brno, Czech Republic, 20 April 2017
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Konica Minolta focuses its research on Internet of Things (IoT) and joins LoRa Alliance™
Langenhagen, Germany, 10 February 2017
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Konica Minolta investor of the year in the Czech Republic for 2015
Brno, Czech, 27 October 2016
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Konica Minolta: first year of research activities in Europe
Brno, Czech, 30 September 2016
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Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe showcases Artificial Intelligence innovations at AI business Conference
Langenhagen, Germany, 06 September 2016
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KMLE-King’s VisTac Hackathon 2016: a coding marathon for fusing visual and tactile information
London, United Kingdom, 30 August 2016
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